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Terms and Conditions | Portal Kit

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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for "Cover Price Competition":      
  1. We cover vacancies advertised by local competitors (the same municipality) in tabloids, newspapers and magazines with wide circulation, or upon presentation of budgets (original copy on letterhead and stamped paper), of identical products with the same specifications (make, model, color, species, size and weight) and with the same payment terms.
  2. The promotion is not valid for prices on sale, internet or direct mail.
  3. The competitor must have the amount of the advertised product out of stock (if we deem it necessary, we will contact the competitor to prove the authenticity of the offer).
  4. The value, complete description of the product (brand, model, color, species, size and weight), payment and freight cost should be very explicit in the document presented by the customer.
  5. We reserve the right to stipulate a maximum number of products per customer and market only products available in our stock.
  6. The document presented by the customer will be retained in our store, discount for release.
  7. Consult minimums and regions for free delivery.
  8. Valid for a limited time while supplies last.


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